Spring Renewal Package


Come alive this Spring…

Lefferts Community Acupuncture is excited to offer a wellness package for the upcoming spring season! In Chinese Medicine, spring represents renewal, the birth of new life, and is a great opportunity to make changes in your life.

As we transition from winter to spring, it is important to prepare our bodies for the new season. Every new season takes time for our bodies to adjust to, and the better we can adjust, the more we can benefit from the positive aspects of the new season. Spring gives us the opportunity to let go of certain things that we held onto through the winter months.

In an effort to help our patients through this transition and get the best out of what we have to offer at our clinic, we have created a Spring Renewal Package that will help you more smoothly make the seasonal shift.

Spring Renewal Package

  • 3 Acupuncture Sessions with any Lefferts Community Acupuncture practitioner

  • Herbal Consultation with Boris Bernadsky (Includes cost of herbs)
    Tui Na (Chinese Medical Bodywork) Session with Boris Bernadsky

  • Qi Gong (Taoist Yoga) Workshop on 4/28 from 3-6pm (Location TBD) with Taganyahu Swaby

    We are offering this package for $300.

Note: This package expires 90 days after purchase. Please book a session online and tell the practitioner that you’re interested in the Spring Renewal Package when you arrive. You can purchase the package in-person at your session. All appointments for the package must be booked in advance in person during your 1st package acupuncture session.

This package embodies all of our practitioner's strengths and is a chance for you to take advantage of all the modalities that we offer. 

This is an invitation to use the full resources of Chinese medicine as a catalyst to bring about that change that you're seeking.